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Snow in September!?

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Welcome to Colorado!

Here are some ideas to try to make adjusting from 90 degrees to 30 degrees a little bit easier!

Inside ideas:

Step 1: Fill a bowl with snow and bring it inside

Step 2: So many options!

  • Hide toys and have your kiddo try and find it with their eyes closed

  • Add food coloring and mix it around with your hands until all the snow has changed color

    • You can also do this with watercolors and paint brushes

  • Squish the snow into snowballs and cookies

    • Try stacking the snowballs to make a snowman!

  • Have a bowl of warm water, add a small amount of the snow to watch it melt or disappear

  • Squish the snow flat onto a tray or plate and practice drawing with your index finger, or even poking holes

  • Use spoons to fill a measuring cup with snow, pack it down and flip it over to make a snow castle

    • You can also use these to pretend to eat the snow out of the cup

Outside ideas:

  • Snow angels! Great for bilateral coordination.

  • Walking on a beam! Make a straight line of foot prints and have your kiddo follow in the same line. Great for visual motor skills.

  • Biggest snow ball ever! Start small and push the snowball across the yard! Great for heavy work.

  • If you have a sled with a rope, partially fill the sled up snow and have your kiddo take the snow for a ride! Great for strength and endurance!

    • Use small shovels to fill the sled

  • Plow the driveway! Give your kiddo a small snow shovel to help clear the driveway and the side walks. Great for heavy work and visual motor skills.

    • Make it fun, "I wonder who will get to the mailbox first!"

Try taking turns and sharing materials to encourage some great social interactions.

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