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Here you'll find our favorite products that we frequently recommend to families. Take a look through the different categories.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know! 

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, meaning we receive a commission for items purchased from these links at no cost to the customer. A percentage of the funds earned from these links will be used to buy equipment for families in need. 

Products: Meet the Team


Merlins Magic Sleep Suit 3-6 mos.

  • These are the best sleep suits we have found in terms of keeping your baby warm while also providing deep pressure to keep them feeling comfortable and safe all night long. 

Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit 6-9 mos.

  • This is the same as the link above, but for when your baby gets a little bit bigger. 

Lycra Compression Sheet

  • These are great for children who move a lot in their sleep to help them get the input they need to help fall and stay asleep. 

5 lb. Weighted Blanket 

  • Most adults have experienced the bliss of laying under a weighted blanket. Now, there are ones in the "just right" size for kids.  

Hatch Night/Sound /Rise Light

  • Hatch is great for all ages from infants to toddlers and on.  It provides white noise to help tune out other noises going on in the home. It acts as a night light, with a variety of colors to chose from.  It can also help children sleep longer if they have to wait before it changes colors before coming out of their room 

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Potty Training

Oh Crap!

  • Our favorite book for helping you day time potty train your child in a weekend. To figure out if your child is ready for potty training, contact your OT! 

Baby Bjorn Smart Potty Chair

  • The perfect start for feeling comfortable sitting on the potty without the pressure.  Use it in pretend play, let your child put stickers on it to make their own! 

Original Toilet Stool

  • This stool will  be one of your greatest investments for helping your child feel comfortable sitting on the big kid potty because their feet will be supported. When kids have their feet supported, they are automatically more comfortable and willing to sit on the potty for longer periods of time. Make sure your kid can climb safely on and off the toilet with the stool to support their independence. 

Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer

  • This will make the potty seat a bit smaller for our little ones, helping them feel a bit more comfortable.  This paired with the stool is a sure way to make potty training easier.

Contours Potty 3 in one

  • This potty chair is great to grow with your child as they progress through potty training.  This potty chair is small enough for little ones to have their feet on the floor while also coming apart to help children transition to sitting on the potty with the base that also functions as a stool. 

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Visual Perceptual

Lauri Peg Board

  • Peg boards are great for many reasons. But in terms of visual perceptual skills, they encourage tracking to follow a pattern, scanning the environment to find the piece your looking for, and learning how to orient pieces so the fit together. 

Fat Brain Squigz Starter Set

  • Squigz are excellent for learning how different pieces fit together, how to copy a 3-D design, and how to problem solve to make a design stand up.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Shapes Puzzle

  • Puzzles are great opportunities to work on visual perceptual skills.  This is called a single form puzzle which means that each piece has a designated spot identified by picture and a rim for the puzzle piece to sit into. 


  • Magnatiles are great for  learning how to balance structures, learning how to fit pieces together and how to copy different patterns and designs. 

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Toddler Keekaroo Chair

  • This is one our most recommended supports children with feeding challenges.  It provides them with appropriate support so they do not have to work as hard while eating. This will chair will also grow with your child as the foot and seat hight are adjustable to ensure the just right fit.

Infant Keekaroo Chair

  • Just like the toddler version but includes an infant support cushion and a tray. 

Abiie Chair

  • The Abiie chair is similar to the Keekaroo chair. Contact your OT to figure what chair will work best for your child and your family. 

Grabease Utensils

  • These are great for kids who are just learning how to use utensils more independently. The lip blockers help teach children how far into the mouth it is safe to put the utensil. 

Numnum Gootensils

  • The perfect beginner utensils! The gaps in the spoon and flexibility of the neck make it easy to dip purees, yogurts, etc. to make introducing self-feeding a successful and fun experience.

Arks Bear Bottle

  • The perfect bottle to help your child learn how to drink from a straw while controlling how much liquid goes into their mouth. 


  • This is great for helping keep clothes clean and bibs on.  The back tie closure ensures the bib stays on while also not making the child feel uncomfortable with something around their neck (I.e. like a traditional bib). 

Z Vibes

  • Z vibes are a great way to provide vibration to the mouth safely. This can help desensitize the mouth prior to eating.  Please contact your OT to see if the Z-vibe is right for your child and their needs.​

Fun Bites Food Cutter

  • These are great for changing how food looks and for making cute designs your children would love to eat. Another great benefit is a safe way get your child involved in meal preparation, creating a fun and positive experience in the kitchen. 

Suction Meal Mat

  • These meal mats are great for little ones who are getting stronger and more independent.  They stick to many hard surfaces to help ensure your child's food stays on the table. 

Suction Bowl

  • Similar to the meal mat, this bowl is perfect for keeping food off  the floor and more easily into your toddlers mouth.

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Sensory Integration

Gymnic Rody Inflatable Horse

  • The Rody horse is a great for bilateral coordination, postural stability and endurance. These are made of high quality material that will last as your children grow. Perfect for toddlers who are learning to jump!

Hop 66 Ball

  • The classic hoppity hop ball we all remember from P.E. class in elementary school. Perfect for endurance, bilateral coordination, and postural stability. It can also double as a seating option for  online learning. 

Homedics Ribbit Massager

  • This little massager can be great for adding a little extra sensory input to support your child's regulation

Playz Tunnel and Playhouse

  • These tunnels and tents are great for children of all ages.  From crawling and visual attention, to turn taking and pretend play. These are a great investment. 

Compression T-Shirt

  • This compression is great for children of all ages. For children who don't like the feeling of tags or seams, this compression shirt is seamless and tagless. A great option for children who need a little extra deep pressure throughout their day!

Hammock Chair

  • This swing is great for providing good linear movement while providing great deep pressure. The stabilizing bar allows an easy point to hold onto to climb in the swing as well as an easy way to help propel the swing.

Sensory Swing

  • This swing is made of lycra, which is stretchy and supportive. The way this swing is designed provides decreased visual stimulation which can be very calming, especially in combination with the deep pressure it provides.  This swing also comes with a rotary hook which allows children to receive good vestibular input while swinging in circles. Children can position their body in this swing variety of ways which makes it a very versatile piece of equipment.

Portable Tree Swing

  • This portable swing is great for families who are on the go a lot.  This swing can be easily set up in a variety of spaces as well as a variety of space adjustments.

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Fine Motor

Lauri Peg Board

  • Peg boards are one of the most versatile toys for your child to play with and work on a variety of skills. Including but not limited to: grasp and release, putting in and taking out, identifying and matching colors, categorizing, making patterns. Specifically, this peg boards has cylindrical pegs which helps with grasp.

Patterned Stacking Set

  • This peg board works on all the skills mentioned above. However, the peg board has more "T" shaped pegs, more pegs overall and more colors. When beginning to use this toy with young ones, start with basic colors before moving to more complex colors.

Fat Brain Squigz Starter Set

  • Squigz are great for hand strengthening, bilateral coordination and postural stability. They also help children understand cause and effect for learning how to push and pull these toys. 

Crayola Washable Window Crayons

  • These washable crayons are great for kids learning to draw. They are smoother than crayons which make it easier to draw while providing more resistance than markers so kids can feel how their hands move makes different marks.  

Melissa and Doug Sandwich Set

  • The velcro on these pieces works great for hand strengthening. The shape also allow kids to work on a variety of grasps. Also, these sets are great for pretend play and turn taking, as complexity can be added as your child develops. 

Melissa and Doug Pizza Party Set

  • This set is great for a variety of skills including in hand manipulation, lateral pinch and pincer grasp. It is also great to work on patterns and categorizing. 

First Years Stacking Cups

  • Stacking cups are great at addressing a variety of early milestones, including controlled release, putting smaller objects inside larger ones, and object permanence. 

LODBY Magnetic Drawing Board

  • This magnet board is great at developing a tripod grasp. The removable legs, create a great deal of versatility in the orientation of the board. Drawing on a slanted surface can make it easier for children who fatigue quickly. 

Small Stages Piggy Bank

  • This piggy bank is also a very versatile toy. Skills addressed include: various grasps, orienting the coins to include wrist rotation and pronation, categorizing and patterns. 

Fisher Price Snap Lock Caterpillar

  • This caterpillar is a great toy to work on using both hands together, hand strength, as well as core stabilization (which is foundational for fine motor skills).

Melissa And Doug Wooden Shapes Puzzle

  • This puzzle can help address a variety of skills. While it can help with identifying shapes, it can also help with color matching, and in-hand manipulation to orient the puzzle pieces to fit. 

Battat Sound Puzzle

  • This toy is great for a tripod grasp, as well as finger isolation.


  • Magnatiles are great for grading force to balance the tiles.

Manhattan Winkel Sensory Toy

  • This toy is great for little ones working grasp and developing hand strength. 

Beeswax Crayons

  • These crayons are great for little ones just learning to write. The width makes it easier for little hands to grasp. They are made up of beeswax, meaning they no toxins or chemicals.

Write and Wipe ABC

  • This board book is a great places for children to start learning their letters and practice writing them.

Melissa and Doug Cutting Food

  • These little foods are a great way to introduce cutting skills in a safe and successful way. They also introduce meal preparation skills and encourage pretend play.

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Oral Motor

Yellow Chewy Tube

  • This our most highly recommended oral motor tool! Great for chewing on their molars, which is where we get the most benefit, while the T shape helps it from not going in too far. The hollow design allows for them to bite down more.

X and Y Chewy Tubes

  • Similar to the yellow chewy tube, but in the shapes of X's and Y's. The design of these also helps keep the teether from going in too far.  These are great way to provide variety to the teether options you provide your child. 

Winkel Teether

  • This is a great teether for younger children. The tubing is all connected create lots of places to chew.  Also, the tubing is hollow which helps young children learn how to bite down. The rattle portion will also help with engagement with this teether. 

Giraffe Teething Toy

  • This giraffe teether is a great safe way to reach back towards the gums to get some relief from teething as well as releasing dopamine. It also introduces a variety of textures to your child’s mouth which can make trying new food textures a bit easier. 

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Books for Parents

Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

  • This book is a great resource for parents to help them feel supported in working with their children and practical ways to help make life a little easier, including: tantrums, difficulty tolerating change, difficult parts of their day and how to implement discipline strategies.  

A Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder by Angie Voss

  • A parent/teacher/caregiver friendly book to help better understand your child's sensory cues, and applicable strategies to support them in all areas of their life. 

Oh Crap! by Jamie Glowacki

  • As mentioned in the potty training session, this book is great for potty training once and not looking back! We have found this book to work well for children with sensory processing challenges. 

Nita's First Signs

  • This is a great book to introduce signs to yourself and your child, including some of the most commonly used signs taught through story telling.  

Nita's Day

  • This books adds to the previously mentioned book with more signs as Nita gets a little older.

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Things to make life easier

Auto Seat Back Protector

  • When little ones first have their car seat turned around, kicking the seat in front of them can often be an exciting new game.  To protect your back and your car, these seat protectors allow your child to still get the input the need while keeping everyone safe. 

Learning Tower

  • Learning towers are a great way to get young ones into the kitchen and helping make food. This allows them to climb in and out independently while keeping them safe and on a more even level with you. 

Pack N' Play

  • Pack N' Plays can be a great investment for parents, especially with limited space. They provide a safe environment for you child to play and can be stored easily when not being used. 

Adaptive High Top Shoe - gray

  • These shoes are great for children with motor challenges or those with orthotics.  The zipper opening provides a wider space for feet to go in while still looking stylish. 

Adaptive High Top Shoe - pink

  • Just like the gray version above, but in pink. These shoes come in a variety of colors.

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