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Services We Provide

Client and Family Centered Care

Kids Swinging

Sensory Processing

Our team is skilled at learning how your child's nervous system works and the best ways to support your child's independence and participation.

Cute Girl Eating Apple

Feeding and Eating

We work on helping your child through all stages of feeding. Whether it be transitioning to solid foods, helping picky eaters try new things, or finding the just right chair, we can help your child.

Crawling Toddler

Early Intervention

Our team specializes in working with children 0-3 years old. We coordinate with local Community Center Boards (CCBs) to connect families with comprehensive resources as needed.

School Children

Children and Adolescents

Our team is skilled in working with children of all ages. Based on the child's needs we can address the following areas: self-care skills, gross and fine motor skills, coordination, reflex integration, executive functioning skills, visual perceptual skills, etc.

Children Playing

Bilingual Services

Noelle and Kayley are both bilingual. They both deliver OT services and conduct sessions in Spanish.

Tiny Feet

Infant Massage Coaching

Both Amy and Noelle are certified infant massage coaches. Learn how to connect with your baby, ease the discomfort and increase your baby's digestive health using massage.

Our Services: Our Services
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