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Parents and Daughter
Kindergarten Guide


Have you ever wondered what sensory processing is? Does your child do really well at school or daycare and fall apart at home? Is your child constantly on the go?

We can help answer these and many more. Please click this link to go to the parent section of our blog.


Want to learn how to help create a more sensory friendly environment? Wondering how to help your students attend and engage more in the classroom?

We have strategies and information to help support your students learning. Please click this link to go to the teacher section of our blog.

Adorable Girl with Pediatrician
Girl Playing with Balls

Health Care Professionals

Are your patients having difficulty staying still while during their examinations or shots? Interested in educating yourself further and providing resources to your patient's family about sensory processing?

We can help you bridge that gap and help make those conversations easier. Please click this link to go to the health care professional section of our blog.

Product Recommendations

OT's use so many fun toys in therapy. Here are some of our favorites that we use all the time with our clients. 

Please click the link below to our frequently updated blog post regarding product recommendations.

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